16 English Words Not To Be Confused To Avoid Looking Crazy

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Do you want to learn or improve your English? For that, Best Online IELTS Coaching Classes In Chandigarh Mohali nothing beats traveling the world to discover new cultures! Indeed, travel is undoubtedly the best solution to significantly increase your level of English.

Many organizations such as Education First offer to send you to the four corners of the world to practice the language of Shakespeare, but you still have to be able to make yourself understood with the basic words, and above all to avoid certain confusions which could cause you some adventures not always very funny.

To help you in this courageous and sometimes complicated learning , Jetlag offers you today a selection of linguistic errors not to commit. They will allow you to communicate with the people you will meet on site in the rules of the art. Here they are :


Do you have to tell the guide of the group excursion booked the day before that you won’t be able to come because you’re sick? A word of advice, be careful to differentiate the two words. Indeed, “sick” means “ill”, Best Online IELTS Coaching Classes In Chandigarh Mohali which is therefore adequate here, while “thick” means “thick”.


Do you live in a hostel and want to know where the communal kitchen is to prepare your meal? To be sure of finding it, be sure to pronounce “kitchen” which translates as “kitchen”, and not “chicken” which means “chicken”, otherwise you will end up in the nearest chicken coop…


Whether you’re looking for the subway or the famous fast food joint specializing in sandwiches, Best Online IELTS Coaching Classes In Chandigarh Mohali here the two words have no difference, so it’s a matter of context. When asking where the “subway” is, remember to add a clarification so that the interlocutor understands which one you are talking about.


To say that we arrive in pieces rather than we arrive in peace is a rather special concept. And yet it is all the ambiguity around these two words. Indeed, the first means “piece / piece” when the second translates as “peace”. Again, confusing the two expressions will totally change the meaning of your sentence.


Do you want to get to the elevator in your hotel and the staff leads you in front of an alligator? Chances are your tongue forked at the wrong time. Like what, taking your time and concentrating to make yourself understood can prove to be a matter of life or death!


Are you arriving with your family and telling the hotel staff that you want to go see the “bitch”? This mistake will certainly make you look like someone with bad taste, even unhealthy, because in reality this word means “bitch”. It would be annoying to start the stay with such an image, so try to say “beach”.


By confusing these two terms, you go against great misunderstandings. Your son (“son” in English) is undoubtedly very intelligent, no doubt about it, but to confuse him with the sun (“sun” in English), there is still a small margin. Worse still, Best Online IELTS Coaching Classes In Chandigarh Mohali confusing “sun of the beach” and “son of a bitch”, which will surely cause you many problems. In any case, we will have warned you!


Are you about to take the ferry or go on a cruise and ask where the “sheep” is? We risk taking you for a madman, because in reality this word means “sheep”. As a result, it is better not to confuse it with “ship”, Best Online IELTS Coaching Classes In Chandigarh Mohali which translates well as “boat / ship”. Good to know, right .