5 Hidden Facts About Meta Description Tag & Its Importance In SEO

Meta Description Tag

An example of a Meta description tag is very important to SEO or search engine optimization. If you don’t know what it exactly is, let me give you an overview. Meta tags are used to provide information about the page in the HTML. This tag is found at the top of every page before the closing HTML tag. When a person tries to open any web page in Google or any other search engine, he/she may find some Meta elements and this can be helpful for them to understand how the page is used. So if you want to get good ranking on search engines, you should include Meta description tag in your web pages.

Our top 5 reasons why you should include meta description tag in your content

# Description attribute

The first example of Meta elements used on a web page is the description attribute. In the example of Meta robots tag, the robot attribute is used to specify the name of the webpage where the keyword is to be entered. In the search engines results, this will be helpful for the viewer to know which webpage has the keyword specified. Keyword should be entered in the title and the Meta tag will display the keyword with relative density. The density of the keyword is also defined by the Meta tag example.

# Meta description element

Now, let’s move ahead to the second example of Meta description tag element. The webpage title is also important role of meta tags. The value of this element is the keyword or phrase that you want people to enter. When you are looking for high ranking on search engines like Google, you should not use the same title that is displayed in the search results. The important role of the meta tag is to make your content more searchable.

# Tools to check if website optimized

There are some tools on the net that help you to check whether your website has been properly optimized. But before you proceed with this process, you need to make sure that the keywords have been correctly inserted in the Meta tag example. For this you can hire a professional SEO firm. They offer services on different levels and hence you should choose the one that best suits your needs.

# Search engine crawlers

Meta description tag is very important for any web page. The search engine robots can only read the text in this part of the Meta tag example. This content carries an important role in search engine optimization. You should ensure that the title tag and Meta tag example have been added together.

# Website structure

The title tag and robots meta tag should be included in the website structure. The first one is the visible Meta tag and the other one is the hidden one. This means that the robots will crawl the whole website and find the description and title tag as well. You can also set the alt image attribute so that it will appear in the SERPs as well.

What are the best ways to create a Meta Description tag?

The answer to this question is not that easy as there are many options you can choose from when it comes to writing a Meta Description. Some of the most common Meta Description examples that most people use include “this is a very important page”, “this is a picture of”, “this is a link to”. Although using such examples are helpful in creating a better understanding, using other examples can prove to be more beneficial in increasing search engine optimization. In fact, most search engines will allow for other forms of Meta Description tag like this which can prove to be a great way to provide search engine optimization value to your site.

Difference in opinion – search experts

However, other search engine optimization experts would argue against the use of Meta Description. They say that using Meta Description to describe the content of your site is actually a waste of time because they won’t help search engine spiders identify your site. However, this argument might be somewhat off-base. Meta Description tag is indeed one of the best methods you can use to optimize the information about your website.

Are meta description tags vital for bots?

The main reason why it’s important to include Meta Description tag in your website is because it provides search engine spiders with vital information about your site. It gives search engines an idea of the keywords or topics you discuss in your site. This in return, will help in improving the rankings of your site. In the past, websites used to have a small descriptive text in their Meta Description. However, search engines have learned to understand the importance of Meta Description and have also made certain modifications to the way it works which has reduced its importance.

Meta description tag character limit

Now, if you are wondering how many characters should be used for a Meta Description, it depends on the purpose of your website. If you are creating a content rich site or a site aimed to showcase your expertise, you need to use descriptive words in your Meta Description. When looking for a longer description, you can use more descriptive words but it’s still essential that your visitors get a clear idea what your site is all about through the brief description.

Another important factor that you need to consider when writing a Meta Description is the number of characters. Most search engines allow maximum of 160 characters in a description. Therefore, you can expect your website to show up in search engine results pages (SERPs) with the most number of characters possible.

Final thoughts

When you decide to update your website, you may want to ask yourself how many characters your visitors would like to read. If you think they’d like to learn more about your products or services, you can also make your site more user-friendly for them. You can add extra explanatory tags to your Meta Description and use keyword matching techniques to improve your ranking on search engines. In addition, you can write short Meta Description to help your visitors scan your site easily. However, keep in mind that search engines only give ranking to sites with the best content, which can be achieved by providing quality articles and site content.