8 Ways to Boost Engagement with Instagram Reels


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Since Instagram introduced the reels feature, it has been an absolute hack to gain traffic on your account and grow your business. It is easily the most commonly exploited feature to gain followers and reach more people. Instagram launched the Reels feature to compete with TikTok, and it has undoubtedly been a great medium for delivering bite-sized content to the masses. Another way to increase engagement and reach is to buy Instagram followers uk.

How to Boost Engagement on Instagram Reel

 Reels are Instagram s new baby, and the platform is trying to show it off to everyone making it easily usable and offering high reach to anyone who uses it the right way. But what even is the right way-this is exactly what ill be covering in this blog post.

The Holy Grail for the IG Reels

DO NOT recycle videos:

If you haven’t had much luck with reels, that may be because you are posting recycled content from TikTok or other platforms. Instagram has explicitly clear that no TikTok watermark content will bag reached as it is not recommended. a very effective way to dodge the Instagram algorithm is to remove the watermark, as several apps perform this task

Refrain from posting sensitive content:

If you are only looking for engagement, this is one big don’t what this does is it produces friction between your content and the viewer because of the warning screen ‘sensitive content’ someone who is scrolling after a hectic day looking for fun content is much more likely to skip your reel – hence sensitive and political content, in general, is not recommended.

Post educational content:

Informative and knowledgeable content is the way to go. The importance of which can hardly be overemphasized. What better way to grasp a viewer’s attention than to teach him a thing or two in 60 seconds. The trends are changing; Instagram is recognized as a place to learn rather than a platform with only stupid boomer memes.

Create a hook for your content :

Employ and exploit the concept of FOMO -fear of missing out .create suspense in the first 2 seconds so the viewer doesn’t skip your reel out of the fear of missing out on a valuable piece of information or an entertaining rest of 58 seconds. You could create a hook even for the most mundane things. For example, you could proceed with your fashion or outfit styling video with the caption” three fits guaranteed to grab ‘her’ attention”. This way, it is much more likely to grab an incels attention, and the app is full of them.

Use Hashtags:

Although their Importance has decreased over the past year or so – it is still a great way to gather traffic, but it needs to be done right. You have to niche down the hashtags and find what hashtags work the best for you. Please don’t push it to reach the maximum limit of 30 hashtags. Quality over quantity. Another thing to keep in mind is to post the hashtags in the caption and not the comments; this bags more reach.

Create your reels ON Instagram:

Through various trials, it has been found out that Instagram is promoting reels made on Instagram instead of some third party app . the reason for this is reels made on the app feel at home and preach to the users what the app is fully capable of, so the top of your reels with Instagram music and other tools and make your reels look -uh-‘instagramly’?

Post consistently:

Posting a few reels and then quitting absolutely won’t cut it. The algorithm will reward your patience and consistency if you follow the right path, which is this blog post. Consistency is pivotal to success hailing from Instagram reels .wed highly recommend you to buy Instagram views uk to ease your growth journey on the gram.

Prompt to action:

Followers come thin through reels, but there is a trick that does good in this regard. Instead of desperately begging the viewers to ‘hit the follow button’, give them a good reason. For instance, you could top off your reel with ‘for more such content, follow my page’. Or you could end your reel in a cliffhanger and ask the viewer to follow you to look out for part two.


 Instagram reels are a cheat code and show stealer when it comes to grabbing reach, and that is primarily why accounts have been growing exponentially ever since this feature was introduced. However, we realize how keeping up with all the guidelines, and the ever-changing algorithm may be hard. Instead, you could buy real Instagram followers uk if you’re from Great Britain.