Advantages And Disadvantages of Concrete Driveways

Concrete Driveways

Concrete driveways are undoubtedly popular with most homeowners and real estate developers. Concrete is a favourite material not just because of its strength and durability but also an astonishing array of decorative options. Thus, it seems a very good reason to get concrete and spruce up that entrance to your home. Constructing road are job of contractors, they are expertise in developing roads as per the rules and regulations of the local and state governments.

Advantages Of Concrete Driveways

Concrete slabs remain the first choice because of concrete’s inherent properties and qualities. Concrete is a composite material made of different stone aggregates held together with a mix of water and lime blend.

  • Concrete driveways are very strong and durable and require little maintenance. The rigid, non-flexible material can handle much heavier loads and is immune to damage.
  • A driveway made of concrete carries a considerable curb appeal and is just the right solution for those who are looking for a darker surface.
  • As concrete surfaces are cooler, one can walk barefoot on them as they absorb less UV radiation. It is much-needed property, especially during hotter temperatures.
  • They offer good value for money and can be used to cover large areas of paving, and the upfront costs are much lower. This is a primary benefit for those with budgetary considerations.
  • Concrete driveways are for both heavy traffic roads as well as indoor private driveways for the proper movements of vehicles.

Disadvantages Of Concrete Driveways 

Although Concrete driveways are popular, there are some downsides to them that you should be aware of as a customer.

  • Many homeowners dislike the dull grey colours and do not find it an attractive building material. However, colour-etching and stamping are available to create textures and designs.
  • The cost of concrete driveways is much higher than other materials such as gravel and asphalt. However, it is a lot less expositive as compared to brick and cobblestone driveways.
  • Concrete may require annual maintenance and sealing, but a lot relies on how well it is entailed and the quality of concrete and other materials.
  • Oils leakage and fluids from vehicles can leave stains on the concrete that are difficult to remove. You may need to hire professional cleaning services to clean the spots and stains from the concrete surface.

Look at different pictures of concrete driveways to get an idea of the new possibilities available in the market.

As concrete creates an exceedingly durable surface, it is certainly a more sensible and affordable solution for those who consider longevity. Concrete material is itself one of the most durable for which it is considered for construction of buildings and roads. With the right company and services, you will hardly need concrete driveway repairs, and the driveway will be able to stand up to the heaviest vehicles you are likely to drive.

You need to find the right contractor to install concrete driveways and can start with surfing online and searching by zip code or state. Get the names of local contractors in your neighbourhood and get referrals from your finds and family members. Get in touch with these contractors to ask about their services’ costs and get an idea about their customer care. Ask them about their workmanship and experience and a list of projects that they have completed. A reputed concrete driveway contractor will not shy away from giving you the list of their projects and clients and will be honest and transparent about their price quotes. Many contractors will even offer a warranty for their work, and it won hurt to ask for an extended warranty for at least three years.