Benefits of video conferencing with Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is a platform that facilitates teamwork in Office 365 with SharePoint Development Company. It has many features, especially for video conferencing. Since the Covid-19 crisis and the development of telework, many companies are studying this solution. Indeed, many companies already work with a Microsoft environment (Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.), hence the interest in continuing with Teams in their digital transition.

The varied features of Teams

Microsoft Teams is more than project management software. It is a collaborative platform launched in 2016. It is part of the Office 365 suite. It has various tools allowing employees to work together, remotely and online. It offers various functionalities:

  • Electronic messaging with calendar, contact and task management;
  • File sharing software;
  • OneNote, to take notes in meetings;
  • Audio and video call;
  • A video conferencing application…

This software therefore makes it possible to centralize contacts, files, tools and conversations on a single platform. This collaborative solution is very useful for organizing remote meetings, especially in the case of teleworking.

An application acclaimed by companies

This software from the firm of Bill Gates has enjoyed growing success since its arrival in France. Its market share increased from 6% in 2018 to 33% in 2019. The containment and the emergency implementation of teleworking have accelerated its rise. Thus, worldwide, a peak of 200 million participants was recorded in April 2020. The success of this tool is explained by its many features and its ease of use for videoconferencing.

A reliable solution for videoconferencing

Microsoft Teams allows you to start a video call with several collaborators by clicking directly on the camera icon. Access to videoconferencing is therefore facilitated. Screen sharing and Word, Excel or Powerpoint documents are also possible, which is very useful in meetings for presentations.

If employees are absent, they can watch the videoconference using the meeting recording . Guest access allows people outside the company to join a video or audio meeting via an email address. In this case, it is not necessary to have the application and the guest will have access only to the group to which he was invited.

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Consequently, this collaborative platform is therefore a complete tool and perfectly adapted to communication between employees, with customers or service providers. Finally, the acceleration of teleworking has confirmed the success of this application.

Deya, at your service for the installation of Microsoft Teams

It is essential to have relevant equipment and organization for optimal use of this solution, in the same way as Google Meet or the Zoom application.

Indeed, it is necessary to have the appropriate audiovisual equipment to use Microsoft Teams correctly. This application works with any audiovisual material. But it is advisable to think about a budget to invest in professional equipment with secure and adapted computer equipment. Indeed, the challenges in terms of productivity but also cybersecurity have become too important these days to neglect this aspect.

Deya, specialized in audiovisual engineering, has an experience of more than 20 years and works for more than 600 clients. Thus, we accompany you for the implementation of this solution in your company. We advise you in the choice of audiovisual equipment related to videoconferencing. We also support you in the preparation of your employees.

On the on-site storage side

Obviously, storing your data on your own servers can offer more security options for companies that are a little anxious about the cloud. However, you should know that this way of proceeding allows you to have an experience similar to the cloud, but with more costs and complications.

In fact, no matter the software, it will be more difficult to install on premises than in the cloud, Dynamics CRM includes. This is why you may need an expert implanter with you to ensure a hassle-free experience as well as an investment of time and money.

Because if you don’t have experience implementing CRM, whether in the cloud or on-premises, you’ll need an expert on your side to guide you, enlighten you, but also to make your life easier.

What about security on Dynamics CRM?

You should also know that whether in the cloud or on site, your Dynamics CRM will also offer you security functions to ensure maximum control over access to your data.