bunk beds

One of the most popular types of beds in families (and not only) are bunk beds. The bunk bed is an ideal way to save space as much as possible. Here are the various types available.

There are many types of bunk beds on the market as beds co uk, but they all share the fact that they save space even if you have two or more people sleeping in one room. It is no coincidence that this type of bed is very popular in families with children. Bunk beds can be extremely imaginative and save space in a small room. It is always a great advantage to have two bunk beds, this allows you to save space and maybe even insert drawers to put clothes on. In short, the bunk bed solution is always very versatile and it is no coincidence that it is a favorite.

Especially if you want to choose a bunk bed for children , it is particularly important to pay attention to the composition of the product. Both from the point of view of materials, for which it is good to choose very resistant, non-toxic and ecological and natural materials as much as possible. The slatted base is a very important component of the bunk bed , as is the mattress . Finally, it is also good to consider the safety factor: the bunk bed must be based on safety , to limit any falls. Finally, it is good to choose the top bunk bed only for children of a certain age to ensure maximum safety.


There are bunk beds made of wood or other materials. Wood is a good material because it is natural, comfortable, not cold. There are different types of wooden bunk beds, for example in pine, beech, fir. Depending on the cost of the wood, a higher or lower cost of the product itself depends on it. The bunk beds in some cases are only covered in wood or plywood. We must always pay close attention to the safety factor.

The iron bunk beds are very resistant, certainly a guarantee of resistance over time. The iron bed can be more or less heavy (there are some that can be disassembled). Without a doubt, the purchase of an iron bunk bed involves a greater economic outlay, but undoubtedly they last longer over time , they are a guarantee of solidity and stability.

Types of bunk beds

We must not forget that there are also particular types of bunk beds , called retractable bunk beds . The latter are ideal for those who have an extreme need to safeguard space and do not want to use the second bed often, but perhaps keep it for a guest. There are vertical or horizontal retractable bunk beds, which allow them to be stored when needed, and to be opened if needed. They are also equipped with ladders to improve the ups and downs.

In short, ultimately the bunk bed is an ideal way to save space as much as possible ! Let’s not forget that there are many types that can stimulate the imagination of children to the maximum, but there are also bunk beds for adults, depending on the needs. Some products also have a desk and small closets for storing personal items, clothes, and small, space-saving items. Depending on the space available, you can opt for a simpler bunk bed model or a larger and more spacious one. Some bunk beds are in a single structure, while others can be moved and enlarged as needed. In short, there are more traditional bunk beds and others more modern, which require a greater economic outlay.