Diy Outstanding Packaging Ideas For Handmade Business

Diy Outstanding Packaging Ideas For Handmade Business

When you have your small business built around products that you make yourself, there is a big chase that you want to do the packaging yourself too. But packaging your products by yourself is not an easy task. 

It would help if you had your packaging look premium while also maintaining the quality of packaging materials to the best. Your product packaging can be an integral part of your marketing if done well. In addition, it can help you with your business branding. 

But can you achieve that goal through DIY packaging? At least you won’t know unless you try it.

The following article is all about making DIY packaging. If you have a small business selling handmade crafts, you can use these DIY methods to create your product packaging. 

In this article, I will share a few DIY methods of creating your product packaging. 

Eco Boxes 

The eco boxes are minimalist-looking product packaging, and you can use them for handmade packaging products. These are rustic boxes, and they are rough and natural in their looks and feel. Made from wooden pieces– the rustic boxes may include some black and white imprints. 

If you make handmade artifacts, showpieces, and jewelry, you can use the handmade Eco Boxes to ship your product. 

Cardboard Envelopes 

If your handmade items are small and or your products can fit inside an envelope, then you can use the cardboard envelopes. These are simple DIY cardboards made into envelopes and are great for the minimalist-looking DIY packaging. 

This type of DIY packaging is great for packaging books, documents, notebooks, and similar types of packaged goods.     

Glittery Boxes

When you are selling something shiny, fancy, or, in fact, jewelry, then you can create DIY glittery boxes for your product packaging. All you need is to buy some small boxes and glitters to start manufacturing your packaging containers. For a more personalized tone, you can leave a thank you note embedded into the packaging. When you add a cute thank note to your glittery boxed packages, you can expect a better impression from your customers. 

Wooden Frames Covered With Transparent Plastic

If you are selling clothes or other products that need to be displayed, then this is among the best DIY packaging ideas that you can look for. All you need is thin wooden boxes and transparent plastic wraps. If you are selling shirts, shoes, or similar products that you need to put on display, you can use this method of DIY product packaging.

Pillow Boxes

Minimalist product design and packaging are now the best way to brand a business and make your business noticed among the customers. You can make DIY cardboard designs with pillow boxes. The pillow boxes look attractive, and you can add minimalist designs on top of these pillow boxes and pack your small handmade products. 

This packaging is best for packing jewelry, small accessories, and other stuff. 

Colorful Parcel Packages

There is nothing wrong with splashing some colors into your product packaging. If you love to make DIY product packages and you want to do it for your small business, then this is a good choice. 

These DIY packages can help you pack bulkier products like notebooks, books, handmade clothes, etc. you can also add personalized colors and stickers on top of the Product packaging bags and parcels are easy to make DIY packages, and they are also cheap. 

Floral Printed Boxes

You should enjoy the full freedom of creating a DIY product packaging for your small business. The more attractive your DIY package looks to your customers, the merrier it is for you. The floral printed boxes are great DIY packaging ideas; your customers who are purchasing gifts from you will really feel impressed. 

You can download different patterns and floral prints from the internet and print them on your boxed packages. 

Cotton Bags

Bags are also great options for packaging. Even after a good packaging of your products, you will still need bags to help your customers carry them. You can use plastic bags, but many countries have banned the use of bags. 

But you can still use cotton bags. Cotton bags easily dissolve, so they are eco-friendly. Also, there are numerous customization options available. You don’t need to do lots of DIY work when you are offering cotton bags to your customers. All you need is to buy cotton bags and print your brand’s logo or design on them. 


If you are looking for the best DIY product package ideas for a low price, then you can use the tips that I have mentioned here in this article. You can use cotton bags and colorful parcel packages, or you can use a pillow bag made of cardboard for packing your products. 

Either way, you can choose from any of these DIY product packaging materials.