Need An Emergency Windshield Replacement? Tulsa OK Is Here To Help

Emergency Windshield Replacement

Several types of situations can be responsible for vehicle damage, while on the road. And, being the frontline warrior, the windshield of a car is generally the first one to sustain damages. This damage can range from a minor chip to a deep crack. In worst cases, it can get broken or shattered. Any kind of windshield damage calls for immediate expert help. Because a damaged windshield means safety threats on the road. Even a small jolt can impact an impaired windshield and make it worse, endangering the lives of the occupants as a result. So, whenever you incur a damaged windshield, call for professional repair or replacement at the earliest. In such emergencies, where you need an immediate windshield replacement, Tulsa OK can offer you easy solutions through their many garages and workshops in several convenient locations.

What are the common types of windshield damage?

There are several types of windshield damage you may encounter. While minor damages can be easily fixed with a quick repair, serious major damages need a full replacement. More common types of windshield damages are-

  • Cracks- Shape and position determine the type of crack. A crack on the edge is usually found within a couple of inches of the windshield’s edge. A stress crack is generally a large crack that happens due to extreme heat.
  • Stars- A star is a small circular break on the windshield with a few tails attached. It must be repaired as soon as possible to avoid a full windshield replacement.
  • Chips- Also known as a ding, a chip is a small, singular point of damage. It may appear completely hazardless, but if left alone, a chip can spread into a crack in no time!

While providing the service of windshield replacement, Tulsa OK brings forward an expert team of technicians who thoroughly examine your vehicle and determine the severity of the damage. After a meticulous evaluation, they recommend possible solutions that whether you need a full replacement or a repair is enough.

What to do after noticing windshield damage?

There are times, when your car windshield may encounter minor or major damage, despite your best efforts. But few immediate cautionary steps can prevent your vehicle from further damage. Here are a few dos and don’ts you should keep in mind while incurring windshield damage on the road-

  • Immediately examine the damage- If your windshield hit a rock or debris while you are driving, try to make a stop anywhere safe as soon as possible. Examine the damage to ensure that it isn’t obstructing your view, before starting to drive again. And if the damage comes in the way of your driving vision, better not to start the car again and call for immediate help.
  • Don’t try to fix the damage on your own- There is no DIY here! Obviously, Google and YouTube will tell you that there are several quick fixes for windshield damage like applying super glue or clear nail polish. But unfortunately, these solutions neither stay forever nor slow down the spreading of the damage. So, putting a windshield expert hat on is not helpful in such a case!
  • Don’t depend on your local mechanic- A broken windshield is not a broken radio or engine. So, your trusted go-to person of a local mechanic can’t exactly help you out here. Handling windshield damage is the job of an expert auto technician, only who can give you appropriate suggestions after thoroughly examining the damage, and then will take necessary actions with proper tools and equipment. 

Whenever you encounter windshield damage, during parking or on the road, and you are confused about whether to go for a quick repair or a full windshield replacement, Tulsa OK can help you out with expert advice, immediate solutions, and prompt actions.

How long does it take to replace a windshield?

A typical windshield replacement might only take 15-20 minutes while replacing it entirely might take over an hour or two. But it can vary depending on the car model and the encountered damage. The more the damage, the more complex the replacement process is. In that case, the technicians might ask to keep the car overnight in the workshop or garage to test and examine thoroughly. Then they need to ensure that the windshield was put in the place accurately. There shouldn’t be any room for error and any professional auto service will always guarantee that.

To be concluded

The windshield is more than just a mere ornamental addition to your vehicle. It is essentially a fundamental safety component of your car, which is installed to provide maximum protection to the driver and the passengers. And that’s why any damage to the windshield shouldn’t be taken lightly or overlooked. Be it a windshield repair or windshield replacement, Tulsa OK might be your final choice, especially with its wide range of professional workshops and garages.