Graphic card Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Uses

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090


CUDA cores 10.496Base clock: 1.395 High-speed clocks 169 5 MHzTFLOPs 35.68Memory 24GB GDDR6XMemory GDDR6 Memory: 19.5 GT/sMemory bandwidth: 935.8 GB/s


+Confidently at the top of charts

+ Massive memory buffer

Reasons to avoid Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090

Not really intended for gamers.

-RTX 3080 doesn’t look too far off.

This massive graphics card is extremely powerful , but it is far more worthy of Titan qualifications over GeForce ones. 

It’s not designed with the typical gamer in mind. It’s geared towards creative professionals as well as applications that require high-end computing acceleration. This is the reason it’s not an average price, neither does it come with a typical price tag.

In terms of price as it is in size The issue that everyone is asking is what is the value? For gamers, it’s not. It’s simply not as fast as the 3080 RTX. For pro-creators who value time as a commodity and where the time it takes to render is directly related to how much they make, this is where the RTX 3090 really comes into its own.d link des 1228p. Buy refurbished d link des 1228p switch price online.

That’s why we’ve put this card at the lowest of our list however, since we’re aware that PC gamers are bound to spend a lot of money to avoid embarrassment and secure prestige

, it’s worthy of a mention. It is, after all, the most capable gaming graphics card on the planet today regardless of whether it’s a good bargain or not.

Read our complete Nvidia review of the RTX3090 (Founders Edition).

AMD Radeon RX 6800 graphics card shot above on an unfinished background

AMD Radeon RX 6800

Third-tier RDNA 2 is adrift and cut


RDNA cores 3840 Base clock 1700 MHzBoost clock 2,105 MHzTFLOPs 16.17Memory 16GB GDDR6 Memory clock 16 GT/sMemory bandwidth 128 Gb/s


+Stellar 1440p card

Sometimes, it outperforms the less expensive RTX 3070


Doesn’t stand up to the RTX3070

-Unexciting ray-tracing performance

Being the only among the AMD RX 6000-series cards to launch without undercutting an Nvidia Ampere rival, the straight RX 6800 is as if it’s nearly been cut away. It’s an odd situation considering that in the past, we’ve always been determined to recommend the 2nd line of any Radeon release.

 AMD typically releases the main series of cards with a pair, with one that has the full power of the new GPU , and an additional card that is a somewhat stripped-back chip.

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They typically operate at the same level but for much less money. However, in this instance the performance gap is quite large and the price difference isn’t enough to overcome the issue. There’s also the RTX 3070 for less than the RX 6800 model. Check out IBM 13.5 inch hddd hus103030flf210 price online.

The RX 6800 may not always perform as well as the lower-end Nvidia card however for the money you’d definitely want the sole marginally higher-priced RX 6800 XT as it’s a lot more efficient. If I had spent the money to buy a brand new GPU, the additional 70 dollars would definitely be worth it.

It is also a great gaming card. RTX 3070 also offers Nvidia’s wide gaming options and, even though the ray tracer can be viewed as a luxury feature, DLSS is an outstanding performance-boosting feature that’s not yet being comparable to AMD. 

It must be noted that the RX 6800 is an extremely impressive card in spite of the implications of its position on the list. This makes the $1,200 RTX 2080 look a bit dated.

Top-down shot taken of the Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card with no cooler in place so that you can clearly see the GPU itself