How To Choose The Best Car Speaker For Your Car

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Entertainment in the car has come a long way since it was first conceived years back. The first official car radio was introduced by Motorola in the 1930s. Since then the car audio system has undergone huge upheavals and evolved to its present stage. Back then it was the sole AM radio receiver that had a single speaker. It has evolved to the modern complex audio system that is entertaining us to its maximum potential. Apart from the over-the-air signals of the yesteryears, today the car audio systems have recorded formats also.

The Different Parts Of The Car Audio System

The audio system of a car has different parts like:

  • The head unit
  • Amplifier
  • Speakers

You can choose to buy the different parts as per your requirements and choices. Further on we will read about the best car speakers available in the market.

The Best Car Speaker System That You Require

How to understand what car speaker you need and how to decide on it. It means that while you choose the best car speaker system, you must be clear in your head that what type of music you hear the most and what are your priorities. If you are inclined towards hard rock or electronic dance music then a speaker that produces high bass is suitable for you. If you are more of a classical person then spending money on bass dominated speakers is wasteful for you. You must also decide on the class of performance to suit each type of application.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Car Speaker 

When you are out to buy the best car speaker for your in-car entertainment, you must consider a few factors that will make you understand what to buy and what not to.

  • Speaker cone material – There are numerous types of materials from which speaker cones are manufactured. But it is important because its material will affect the quality, capability of handling power and its longevity. It should be very light in weight as it will improve the speaker’s signal response capabilities. The cone should be rigid or else it will flutter and the frequency will get distorted.
  • Speaker sensitivity – It is measured by its efficiency to convert power to sound. If it is less sensitive, then it will generate less volume. If it is more sensitive you will produce a very loud and clear sound.
  • Power handling – To rate your speaker you will have to consider Peak Power and RMS. Peak Power is how much power a speaker will be able to manage before it fails completely. RMS is the amount of power that it can very smoothly and easily manage. If the sound is above the RMS then it will damage even the best car speaker.
  • Speaker basket – It is simply the frame of the cone-type speaker. If the basket is properly designed, it distributes the back waves properly so that they can escape without giving colour to the speaker’s sound. And the best car speaker will have the best material to produce. It means that it should be rigid.

The Various Types Of Speakers

For the best car speaker, you will have to choose from the following speakers to get the best quality sound:

  • Subwoofers – They produce sounds of the lowest frequency but add depth to the music. They need to be placed in an enclosed place with a power amplifier.
  • Midbass – They give deep sounds in mid-range to low range bass frequencies like the bass drums.
  • Midrange – They produce frequencies in the middle of the audio spectrum, unlike mid-bass and tweeters.
  • Tweeter – They can produce the highest sound frequencies like cymbals and high hats. They give the sound system its clarity and the instruments and voice get their fine-tuning and detail from here. But they are the smallest type of car speakers.

If you want to install the best car speakers then you should get in touch with the best professionals in the market. They will give you proper tips and guidance on how to select your car speaker so that you get the best from your buy.