How To Open a Door in The Absence of a Key

How To Open a Door

You may wonder how to open a door without a key in certain situations.

Locks are a crucial part of our daily life, as they are used to secure our premises. There is nothing more annoying than forgetting the keys on the door and being stuck in front of it!

Have you lost the keys to your apartment? Did you forget them inside and find yourself stranded outside?

No need to panic. There’re several solutions and techniques to open a door quickly and without a key. We have concocted 5 practical tips to help you open a slammed door.

1. How to open a door with radiography?

Opening a door with radiography is the simplest technique and the most effective.

You can use the radiography sheet to open slam doors. To open a door slammed shut with the radio, you must have a fairly rigid (plastic, for example) and thin sheet that you can slide between the frame and the door.

It must be strong enough not to tear and flexible enough to handle it: the radio is the perfect solution for this operation.

Try to drive the radio deep and shake the door. In a matter of seconds, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to open the door.

2. How to open a door with an identity card?

You can open a door either with an ID card, a credit card, or a loyalty card.

Slide the card between the frame and the door. Shake the door while pushing the card in deeply. Try tilting the card until it touches the handle. Quickly move the door and the map several times. The objective is to put pressure on the latch.

The trick is played, and the door is open!

3. How to pick the lock to open a door?

Are you agile with your hands? Lock picking is a technique used to unlock the door while avoiding the destruction of the lock. There are several lockpicking techniques. But the principle is the same: use a feeder and a hook or very fine tools like paper clips and hairpins to force the lock mechanism. Are you wondering how to do this?

Start by placing the trainer in the cylinder. Then, try to turn slowly to free the operation of the pins. At the same time, insert the hook to know the position of the first and last pin. You will neutralize them and cancel the combination by going from one pin to another.

Although picking a lock is a time-consuming technique, it is effective and accessible to everyone.

Anyone can do it if you manage to pick the lock on your door, especially thieves and burglars!

We, therefore, advise you to replace the cylinder with one equipped with an anti-pinching system.

4. How to open a door with a drill?

Are you a good handyman? It is sometimes essential to drill the lock to open the door.

For this, you will need a drill, a hammer, a center punch, a metal bit, and a screwdriver.

Note that keyhole drilling is a last resort solution if you can’t open the door on your own with lock picking or with the radio.

Using a hammer and a punch, try to make a hole above the keyhole. Then, with the drill, drill the hole. The goal is to destroy the pins to free the mechanism. Don’t force it and take it slowly to avoid blocking and breaking the bit.

Go through with the bit to destroy the pins. If the door gets stuck, use a flat screwdriver to turn the cylinder rotor.

In some cases, it is necessary to destroy the barrel with a thicker bit (20 mm).

5. Call a Professional Locksmith.

To avoid the lock’s destruction and save time, calling on our locksmiths Wesley Chapel is better.

With our experience and knowledge, we can intervene quickly to help you open the door. Many occasions require the intervention of a locksmith repairer in Tampa.

So that you can benefit from quality service, we advise you only to trust an experienced locksmith craftsman who can intervene without wasting time.

A reliable and competent All in one Locksmith repairer can offer you a free quote without any obligation on your part. They help you get you out of an unfortunate situation without damaging the door or the lock.

Finally, all you have to do is apply these tips to unblock the situation and improve the security of your home.