How to shoot attractive taste Interview with food expert Xiaomi

Food Expert Xiaomi

 On the surface, food and photography seem to have no intersection, but they are actually inextricably linked. Food appeals to people’s appetite, and photography satisfies the visual experience. When food experts start to play with photography, they will naturally allow more people to see the food that is not usually seen. How to take a delicious food photo through the hands of a food expert? What are the requirements of food experts for the choice of camera ? What are the unique photography skills of food experts? Today, we invited Xiaomi, the expert in the food industry, to talk about the story between food and photography.

Food expert millet

    Xiaomi, a well-known funny food blogger of Chibo + shop exploration, food program planner, travel and food program host. Served as a food consultant for many food programs on CCTV, and a best-selling author of food books. He has published 11 gourmet bestsellers including “White-collar Kuaishou Cuisine” and “Private House Beauty Cuisine”. At the same time, taking into account the owner of the restaurant, from the love of food to the opening of his own restaurant, City Needs News and its branches are widely praised by netizens.

Food works by Xiaomi (photo by Canon EOS R)

I have used a lot of cameras, but I still prefer Canon in the end

    Q: What equipment have you used to shoot food over the years, and which one is your favorite?

    A: When it comes to taking pictures, many brands have been used. I have used some cameras from brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, and Leica, but the best one is the Canon EOS R I currently use, which is also a new camera I just bought at the end of last year. It is characterized by easy portability and high imaging quality, which is suitable for daily Weibo sharing or photos for publishing books. Now is the video era, and the Canon EOS R shoots video professionally. I have been to many cities recently, and I have always been using this EOS R. NordicTrack Discount Code

Xiaomi’s favorite is the EOS R at hand

    Q: Why do you only love Canon cameras?

    A: I think this question can be divided into two points. The first is that I have feelings in it. My first SLR camera was Canon, so the Canon lenses accumulated over the years are also relatively complete, with rich focal lengths and specifications, and are more competent for my daily shooting. The second is that it is very easy to use. The current camera not only has good picture quality, but also has excellent control logic, so it is very comfortable to use Canon cameras to take pictures.

The EOS R has a touchscreen for easy control

    Q: Why choose Canon EOS R?

    A: I have experienced a mirrorless camera more than a year ago. I feel that the mirrorless camera is very light and easy to use, so when I decide to replace the camera, I will give priority to the mirrorless camera. In addition, I have relatively high standards for the quality of photos, after all, some photos need to be printed on a book. The EOS R camera has a 30.3-megapixel design and is still a full-frame mirrorless camera, so the quality of the photos fully meets my needs. The control is very good. I personally like the control ring and touch bar on the lens, which are equivalent to two shortcut keys, which have improved the efficiency of my food photography. In addition, it is very convenient to carry. You only need to add an adapter ring to continue to use the Canon lens at home without wasting resources, so I chose it.

WIFI can help Xiaomi share in time after taking pictures

    Of course, there is another point. I usually need to promote food on Weibo. After taking a photo, I can directly share the photo to the mobile phone and send it to Weibo through WIFI. This saves the intermediate link of the computer, which is indeed a lot more convenient and makes my work easier. Efficiency has improved a lot.

Shooting food is complicated, not just pressing the shutter

    Q: Which is more difficult to cook or photograph?

    A: I personally find it more difficult to photograph food. Because it is necessary to shoot the food to be mouth-watering and very appetizing, which is a relatively complicated thing in itself. The matching of the food itself, lighting, plate placement, scenery and other aspects must be taken care of and adjusted to the best state, and then proper composition and picture elements need to be deleted. Finally, the simple thing is to press the shutter. action. Another point to note is that after the food is ready, if the waiting time is too long, the state and charm of the shooting will be lost, so the preparation for the shooting must be carried out quickly. I have encountered many times that the food needs to be re-made because the food has been placed for too long, which has added a lot of difficulty to the shooting work. In contrast, cooking food is easier.

It’s harder to photograph food than to cook

    Q: What do you need to pay attention to when shooting food?

    A: Shooting food has different requirements for light, angle and prime time for food shooting. Different lens focal lengths can present different perspectives, and the interpretation of food is also different, which needs to be summarized slowly during the shooting. Even if I now use the EOS R and the 24-105mm F4 lens to shoot similar food, each shot will have a different effect, so for me, every shot will have a new harvest.  Sports Direct discount code

Shooting food requires slow exploration, and every shooting is made of new harvests (Canon EOS R shooting)

Placing and lighting can better assist the picture

    Q: Are there any special requirements for the placement of the plate during shooting?

    A: If you want to capture attractive and delicious food, you need to show the artistic conception, not just pile it up. Appropriate white space can make the picture more brief and highlight the food itself. If you want to highlight the deliciousness of the food, you need to match the color of the food to make the food itself more attractive. When shooting, you need to find a suitable focal length, and the surrounding furnishings should be delicate, and then blurred by the aperture of the lens, so that the food itself will not be stolen. If you want to present different styles of food, you need to use different styles of plates, and the surrounding accessories need to be changed accordingly. The plate will also be selected according to the food, such as pasta, steak, etc., a relatively flat plate will be used, there should be white space around it, and some brightly colored accessories can play a very good embellishment role.

Food presentation is important

    Q: Will there be lighting when shooting food?

    A: I turn on the lights when I shoot food. Unless the angle of natural light is just right, it will definitely be lighted when shooting. With the aid of light, the food will appear more delicious and attractive, so as to achieve the purpose of shooting food.

    Q: How can I make food look more delicious? more artistic?

    A: If you want to make the food look more delicious, I have summed up three points myself. The first is that the food should be shot quickly after the preparation is completed. If it is left for a long time, it will miss the prime time of shooting, so that the dishes are not fresh, and they will not be delicious no matter how they are shot. The second is the placement of the plate. The placement must be intentional, not only to highlight the food itself, but also other accessories to be beautiful, which can better set off the picture and the food. The third is the shooting itself. When shooting, you need to choose the appropriate focal length of the lens, the appropriate aperture size, and use the appropriate composition. Sometimes you can shoot the whole of the food, and sometimes you can shoot a part of the food, you have to choose.

When shooting, it can be appropriate to match the background

Advice for beginners: practice more and find your own style

    Q: Any advice for newcomers to food photography?

    A: I also came all the way from a novice, and the photos taken in the early days were really bad, the arrangement was messy, and the composition was out of order. But I was not discouraged by this, I also started to learn photography slowly on websites or forums, and learned how some excellent people set the plate, how to set the lighting, how to frame the composition, and how to match the elements in the picture. Practice while learning, treat each shooting as a new learning course, and try to do the best in all aspects every time, and gradually it will get better and better and more proficient. In fact, even now, I am doing the same, and I am constantly learning and exploring photography, so that my photos can be improved to a higher level. For newbies, I think it’s just a matter of learning and practicing, and slowly exploring your own shooting style.

For newcomers, it is necessary to shoot and practice more to find their own style

    The above is our exclusive interview with the food expert Xiaomi. Through our interview, we can let everyone know about the understanding of photography and their photography path through Xiaomi.