Personalized Mugs – Show off Your Personal Style

Personalized Mugs

Do you like to have your morning coffee from the same mug every day? Then get the personalized mugs that you can make yourself! Personalized mugs are great for showing off your personal style to the world and letting your friends and family know how important they are to you. You can upload any photo that you want onto the mug, whether it’s a photo of your kids, your dog, or a fun vacation picture! You also have the option of creating personalized mugs with text instead of an image if you don’t have a great photo you want to use yet.

Choose what kind of mug you want

Choosing a mug is a pretty personal choice, but you might want to take some practical factors into account. For example, are you planning on sipping your coffee on-the-go or will it be part of your morning routine? Do you need something large and insulated to fit in a cup holder? Or do you want something with an easy-to-clean lid? And when deciding between ceramic and metal, keep in mind that ceramic mugs can be fragile (though metal mugs can dent). If cost is a factor, remember that high quality printing techniques are used with every order so whether they’re printed locally or out of state, they’ll last for years to come.

Design your personalized mugs online

If you know what you want your mug to look like, but don’t want to shell out for an expensive designer or graphic artist, try a site like Cafepress. With Cafepress, you can design your own customized photo mugs right online and have them shipped right to your door. The best part is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg: You can expect to pay around $8 per mug—which is a pretty fair price if you ask us! If you’re not quite as much of an artist (not everyone can be Picasso), there are thousands of designs available on custom mugs that range from funny slogans to eye-catching photos.

Use templates available online

If you’re going to create something as simple as a personalized mug, you should start with pre-made templates. You can find photo templates online, but it’s best to try a search for custom picture mug template or something similar. These templates are made for people just like you and can help keep your design expenses down. (Remember – what looks cool to you might not look as cool when printed on a cup.) Make sure that any graphics used in your design are cleared for commercial use if needed! The last thing you want is to get sued for using copyrighted images in your product.

Upload your photo

Custom mugs are a great way to capture memories, so it’s easy to see why they’re one of our most popular gifts. The best part is that you can upload your photo directly from Facebook or Instagram and we’ll do all of the cropping and editing for you. No need to be an expert graphic designer – just select a photo with good lighting and quality resolution, and let us do all of your work for you! Whether it’s your latest selfie or something more professional, we can help create custom mugs that really show off your style.

Add text

Of all kitchen appliances, none is more versatile than a coffee mug. Whether you’re using it to sip your morning brew or hot chocolate, soup at lunch or a smoothie at dinner, there’s one constant: A good mug makes it easier to enjoy your beverage. If you’ve got a big family and are always on-the-go, personalized mugs make it easy to keep track of each person’s drink—and even easier for them to grab and go on busy mornings! Be sure to stock up on cups for every member of your household (along with plenty of napkins) so you don’t have any spills during these hectic times.

Add frames

Whether it’s a wedding photo or a picture of your beloved pet, choose from hundreds of border styles and frame colors to add character and style to your photos. We’ll print them on mugs that are sturdy enough for morning coffee and cute enough to display in any room. To show them off, check out our personalized frame collection with everything from decorative wall art frames to desk frames designed just for holding a coffee mug. No matter what you choose, you can add a meaningful touch or make an ordinary day extraordinary with custom framed mugs.