Tips For Writing An SEO Friendly Blog Post!

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Do you want to boost the SEO of your website? SEO Agency Mohali you write blog articles but they have little impact on your positioning? We give you our tips for an SEO friendly blog post!

1. List your keywords before writing your article

The very first step in writing an SEO – optimize blog post is choosing keywords.

Before you start writing , you must therefore first establish a list of keywords that you will work on throughout your article to optimize the referencing of your website.

Make a list of main keywords

First, list the main keywords you want to highlight in your article . This list should not be too long because your article should contain enough content around these terms to have real relevance in the eyes of Google.

For each keyword, SEO Agency Mohali you will have to work in your article on the associate semantic field. The objective is not to repeat the same keyword over and over in your text but to produce an article that has meaning and relevance.

List the terms to include in your article

To define the complementary keywords that will support your main terms , you can use several tools.

The first is Google Ads Keyword Planner. It suggests a list of words relate to the main keyword enter. The advantage of the Keyword Planner is that it also gives you data on search volumes.

These search volumes can direct you to the most traffic-intensive keywords.

Do not hesitate either to use the dictionaries of synonyms which allow you to decline your main keywords under different terms.

2. Establish a structure plan and write your SEO tags

An effective blog post is a well-structure post. When Google robots crawl your article they will take into account the information contain in your titles and subtitles. It is therefore very important to structure your text.

To have a structure text with Google, you must use HTML tags . Each tag has its level of importance and allows you to indicate to search engine robots the keywords present on your pages.

Title tag and H1 tag

In web writing, Digital Marketing Agency Chandigarh it is essential to know certain HTML tags well.

The most important tag in terms of SEO is the Title tag , it corresponds to the title of the page and it is the first element taken into account by Google to evaluate the content of the pages of your website.

It is in this Title tag that your keywords will have the most weight , so it must contain your main keywords.

The H1 tag is the second most important tag for Google . It corresponds to the first level of title on your page and must indicate as precisely as possible the content of your article.

Your main keywords should therefore be in this tag as well.

Tags H2 to H6

The H2 to H6 tags allow you to structure your text with levels and sub-levels of titles. H2 being a level 2 title, H3 being level 3 and so on. Be careful to respect a logical order and not to integrate tags that do not follow each other, Digital Marketing Agency Chandigarh an H2 followed by an H4 for example.

Having a structure article is very important for your SEO because it will make it much easier for Google robots to understand your text and improve the chances that the search engine will index your page for the target keywords.

3. Highlight your keywords in your article

Optimize text formatting

Now that you’ve list your keywords and establish your plan, it’s time to start writing.

To optimize the referencing of your article , remember to put your keywords in bold in your text . Two advantages to this, on the one hand they will be more visible to your readers and more impactful , on the other hand they will also be more visible to Google who will see these words as important terms.

Name your images and fill in alt attributes

If you include images in your article , be aware that they are also important in the SEO optimization of your page.

Several optimization elements are possible, on the one hand you must integrate images that are not too heavy (they could slow down your page), then you must be sure to rename your photos and fill in the alternative text (alt attribute ).

Google does not read the photos but reads the text associate with it, so this alternative text allows you to work on the keywords associate with your article.

Do not neglect the importance of your photos in the SEO optimization of your articles.

4. Insert internal links

The internal mesh of a website is very important in terms of SEO . When Google robots crawl your website they follow the links that link each page between them. These links allow your article to benefit from the content of the target page and vice versa . Be careful not to abuse internal links, Digital Marketing Agency Chandigarh they must above all make sense and be relevant to your readers.

A relevant link for your readers will necessarily be so in the eyes of Google because its objective is to respond as precisely as possible to the request submitted to it.

Pay attention to the anchor use to integrate your internal links! The anchor is the text of your hyperlink.

For example, an anchor that offers you to “click here” to access content is not at all optimize for SEO. Your anchor text must contain keywords and reflect the content accessible by this link.

Writing an effective blog post in a nutshell

You now know the basics of an SEO friendly blog post!

On the other hand, to make your blog a real performance lever, SEO Agency Mohali it is necessary to establish a real content strategy.