What Are The Hair Color Tips For Curly Hair 2022

Hair Color Salon in Arvada

Whether natural or color treated, curled hair is always beautiful. And occasionally we all want a bit of a change. Perhaps you ’re considering changing up your curled hair with highlights or balayage, or trying a brand new hair color altogether. While you may suppose that trying a new hair color will disrupt your coil pattern or beget damage to your ringlets, there are professional results that will give you beautiful hair color results (while icing that your ringlets and texture stay strong and healthy looking!).

Read on to learn further about two professional hair color services that will give you the Hair Color Salon in Arvada effect you want while also furnishing nutritional benefits to your ringlets. 

Hair Color Salon in Arvada

Easy Hair Color Gloss Services For Curly Hair

You may have heard about hair buff services, and you might be wondering what a hair buff service can do for your curled or crimped hair. Redken’s Tones EQ Hair Gloss is an excellent option to consider if you ’re looking to color your ringlets at your coming salon visit. Tones EQ buff is an acidic demi-endless hair color, which means it doesn’t lighten the hair. 

Because Tones EQ doesn’t lighten the hair, you can rest assured that your ringlets will stay strong and healthy- looking. In just 20 twinkles, a Tones EQ buff will give your hair a beautiful touch of color and illuminating shine. Tones EQ’s formula features an acidic pH and is known as the hair color that thinks it’s a conditioner. 

This acidic formula and exertion benefit is especially important for curled and textured hair. Humidity retention is crucial for textured and curled hair!” explains Redken Ambassador Rachel Redd, “ Different hair textures produce different situations of humidity – for illustration, finer hair textures produce further natural canvases, while thicker textures produce lower natural canvases. 

This is why it’s so important to use hair color products that give humidity back to the hair during a hair color service. Tones EQ is the ideal hair color for textured hair and ringlets!” Tones EQ Gloss is available in further than 100 tones, so your hairstylist can customize a hair color that’s perfect for you. 

And if you aren’t ready for a color change but are looking for a hair color service to add shine to curled hair, ask your hairstylist for a Clear Gloss service. This will give your hair the ultimate boost of shine. 

Hair Color For Blonde Curly Hair

There truly is a golden hair color for anyone-as long as you have a great hair hairstylist and the right professional products! Textured and curled hair can profit from different types of golden and lightening operations depending on the asked result. Ask for balayage if you ’re looking for a more subtle, sun kissed look on individual ringlets, or go with traditional highlights for a brighter result from root to cook.

Let’s break down the process of creating a beautiful golden look for your curled hair. First, your hairstylist will lighten your hair in order to bring the hair to the right position for accepting color. How light your hairstylist will lighten your hair will depend on the color, or tone, you’re looking to achieve. During this process, ask your hairstylist about Flash Lift Bonder Inside. 

Flash Lift Bonder Inside is a lightener that can help cover the bonds of your hair as it’s being lifted and lightened. This is important for curled hair as these types of products can help cover your coil pattern and promote the strength of the hair during a pressing service. This means lower damage and beautiful, strong ringlets! Next comes the trimming process. 

Hair Color Salon in Arvada

Your hairstylist will also use a toning hair buff, similar to Redken Tones EQ Buff to add inconceivable shine, while helping achieve the cool, warm, or neutral golden shade you ask. Following your pressing hair color service, using a trimming grandiloquent hair mask like Redken’s Color Extend Blondage ExpressAnti-Brass Mask can help remove sassy tones, keep golden hair color bright, all while moisturizing and strengthening your beaches. 

The Best Way To Care For Curly Color Treated Hair

Once you ’ve gone to the salon for your hair color service, you ’ll need a strong haircare authority to help you to hydrate and care for your hair. Maintaining your hair color at- home is pivotal for both your hair color and minding for your ringlets and texture. 

Conclude for a trimming hair care product similar as Redken’s Color Extend Blondage, a grandiloquent soap that features violet colors to help offset sassy tones. These types of toning soaps will help to keep your golden hair color bright, but also moisturize your ringlets. With curled hair, it’s essential to give back to the hair the humidity that can be lost during a bleaching or lightening service. With Color Extend Blondage, you can keep your golden hair bright while giving it the humidity it needs.