You Must Know about How to Heal a New Tattoo

tattoo healing

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A new tattoo is a work of art – but it’s also a wound. Like any other wound, it needs to be cared for so that it can heal properly and look its best. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the basics of how to care for a new tattoo. We’ll cover everything from how to wash your tattoo to how to protect it from the sun. By following these tips, you can help ensure that your new tattoo looks amazing for years to come.

This is a question that I would imagine has come up during your time in the tattoo chair. When I was younger, I believed using a cleanser to clean my new tattoo would provide the best results. I just didn’t know there was anything better until I discovered it, and I’m not trying to mess up the healing process; I’m just unaware that something much better exists. With that in mind, let me present my tattoo healing program.

Before I get to work, my approach begins. On a daily basis, I apply Susie Q Ink Oil non-drying tattoo soap and Inky Salve natural tattoo ointments. Before getting out of bed, I clean my old tattoo with ink oil in the shower and then hydrate it with the salve. I prefer to use before-and-after pictures to document the healing process. It also helps my older tats stay fresh looking and feeling. The best method for me to keep my old tattoos looking young is with Susie Q Skin tattoo aftercare once daily on a regular basis.

Now Time to Get Ink!

During the tattooing procedure, I have my artist apply Ink Oil to the design after each session. In my opinion, the Ink Oil helps to relax the region and introduces the essential oils that will aid in wound healing. After the tattoo is finished, I request that the Ink Oil be applied before applying any ointment or dressing.

So, I’m all alone in my apartment and still have my arm wrapped up. Now what?

When I get home, I remove the dressing and cleanse my tattoo with Ink Oil to wash away any ink that might have transferred from my arm or impurities that had collected on the road. I use the Ink Salve to moisturize my skin after showering. After applying Ink Salve, I believe that allowing the tattoo to breathe is beneficial.

Sleepy Time

I use a couple of long-sleeve, loose-fitting tops to keep my tattoo clean and hydrated at night as well as avoid sticking to sheets or other garments. I apply the Ink Salve on my tattoo in a thin layer before going to bed. I spend a few seconds kneading it in because it makes my tattoo feel fantastic. I then put on my long-sleeve shirt. This retains the Ink Salve in position and prevents my shirt from sticking to the tattoo as I get up in the morning. It’s back to the shower for me to cleanse my tattoo using Ink Oil.

The Next 7 Days

I put the Ink Salve on my tattoo every few hours during the day, or whenever I notice it becoming dry. If my skin is feeling tight, I’ll reapply the Ink Salve. I just do it all again the next week. Because my tattoo is nearly healed, there are a few little patches of dead skin appearing on the surface by about day four or five. My arm may be entirely healed and feeling and looking clean and bright by day seven.

I got shading on my left arm from wrist to shoulder this past March 16th. I’m now writing this on the third day of my tattoo’s healing process; it hasn’t scabbed and feels wonderful. more